Previewing the Lads' Premier League Match Against Swansea City
With just over one-third of Premier League matches in the books, Sunderland sits at the very *bottom of the table – producing only (8)* points in 14 contests thus far.

*We'll need to update points total to include results of Sunderland v Leicester City, Dec. 3

For many supporters, the Lads’ futility on the pitch is bringing back bad memories of those infamous 2002-2003 and 2005-2006 campaigns. Those seasons saw Sunderland become synonymous with ineptitude, posting what were then the lowest point totals in Premiership history with 19 and 15 points, respectively.

Thankfully, the disastrous Derby County run of 2007-2008, when the Rams posted just a single win and 11 points, has washed the taste of Sunderland’s misery away since then. And while the Lads seem bound to at least eclipse those ignominious totals by season’s end, it may not be enough to remove them from relegation’s cruel grasp.

*Update to include results of Swansea City v Tottenham, Dec. 3

For the first time all season Swansea will be afforded favourite status by football bookmakers, with Swans receiving even odds as the home side against our Black Cats – who have been tabbed as 11/4 underdogs. Those odds are just slightly better than the 11/5 number offered to those backing a draw, but Sunderland supporters shouldn’t settle for anything less than the full three points – despite their underdog status. Technically speaking, an outright win by the Lads would represent quite the bad beat for Swansea backers, but our boys have shown the better form of late.

For Swansea, a team that released manager Francesco Guidolin on the 3rd of October after he posted just a single victory in seven matches, the current campaign has been contentious to say the least. Guidolin was replaced by manager Bob Bradley, former boss of the United States National Team and the first American to lead a Premiership squad. Bradley posted a pair of draws and three losses in his first five matches, before securing a historic first win in a 5-4 comeback effort against Crystal Palace.

As for the Lads, they’re coming off a (defeat, draw or triumph) against last year’s history makers from Leicester City. Before that, Sunderland posted a respectable record of two wins and two losses, falling to Liverpool and Arsenal, while prevailing over Bournemouth and Hull City. Those were the only two wins of the season so far, however, following seven losses and two draws to begin the Lads’ 10th consecutive Premiership campaign. If Sunderland hopes to secure an 11th straight year in football’s top tier, the work begins Saturday at Swansea – where an equally desperate side will also be looking to salvage their season.